Press Contact and Material

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Press contact:
Sebastian Esser,
Telephone: +49 30 44 31 81 06

Logos, a team photo and further material for public use can be found here.

Text for public use:

Steady helps publishers earn regular income from their followers by offering subscriptions. Publishers are individuals or teams who regularly publish content via blogs, videos, photos or podcasts. Using Steady, publishers can easily earn monthly payments from their supporters. They retain full control over their projects, copyright and content. Steady offers publishers a range of tools to integrate directly in their websites and blogs to help win more supporters.

The Steady team:
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The Steady team (from left to right): Manuel Kallenbach (Lead Developer), Thomas Weyres (Head of Design & User Experience),  Dirk Holzapfel (Founder, CTO),  Sara Hesse (Art Director),  Sebastian Esser (Founder, Managing Director, Head of Product), Judith Holzapfel (Administration),  Gabriel Yoran (Founder, Head of Marketing & Kommunikation),  Philipp Schwörbel (Founder, Managing Director, Head of Finance und Operations).