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Gabriel Yoran,, Telefon: (030) 44 31 81 06


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What is Steady?

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Steady enables bloggers, online magazine editors, podcasters, YouTubers, musicians and open source developers to make money through memberships.

Memberships are the best way for readers, listeners and viewers to support the projects they love.

Independent media is more important than ever. However, advertising-funded media is not really independent: they target clicks instead of readers. But the best publications are paid for by their readers, listeners and viewers. And Steady makes it happen.

No matter whether blog, podcast or large online magazine: involving audiences in topic selection and research builds strong personal bonds – and that is the basis for regular payments. Journalism is no longer a spectator sport. Independent media publishers don’t need subscribers, they need active members. Projects offering memberships are unique, because they build bonds instead of that mere seller-buyer relationship of subscriptions. Rather, memberships create close relationships between the medium and the audience. These relationships are the basis for a successful membership program. And Steady empowers media makers to offer such memberships.

It takes less than 5 minutes to integrate Steady into existing publications. Some publishers sell their first membership in the first half hour. Steady is designed for experimentation: prices, benefits, paywalls, monthly or annual memberships – almost everything can be changed at any time. Steady offers its own flexible paywall (also for podcasts), adblocker detection and many other features that help to win members. Steady takes care of the payment processing by credit card, PayPal or direct debit. And most importantly, Steady looks after the billing too – sending out tens of thousands of perfect tax invoices to dozens of countries every month. Every media maker gets real-time access to their member data and can export it at any time. Over 300 media makers already generate more than 150,000 Euros in sales every month using Steady. There is no minimum turnover and no set-up costs – and above all no reason not to start a membership program with Steady today.

The Steady team
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Standing: Manuel Kallenbach (Founder, CTO), Dirk Holzapfel (Founder, VP Engineering), Sebastian Esser (Founder, Managing Director, VP Product), Philipp Schwörbel (Founder, Managing Director, VP Finance & Operations); kneeling: Thomas Weyres (Original Design & User Experience),  Sara Hesse (VP Design & User Experience),  Judith Holzapfel (Finance),  Gabriel Yoran (Founder, VP Marketing & Communications).

Photo: Frank Suffert

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