How much does Steady cost?

Last updated 6 months ago

Steady is currently free to join. If you gain a member and receive a payment, Steady retains 10% of the total amount. For example, from a 10€ contribution Steady retains 1€.

In addition, each payment provider (Paypal, credit card or bank transfer) charges their own transaction fees. These costs are paid by the publisher. You can find the current transaction fees of each payment provider here. The costs can be changed by the payment providers at any time.

Please note: the amount paid by supporters includes value-added tax (VAT). Learn how we handle VAT here.

Still unsure if it's worth it? Imagine you have 50 members, and must send them each a monthly invoice, check that payments have been made, and chase unpaid invoices. Steady saves you all that work. With Steady, your members can also pay in Euros and by bank transfer - without this, a large portion of your followers wouldn't bother becoming members.