What is a goal?

Last updated 7 months ago

To motivate your followers to become financial supporters, a campaign goal is displayed. A goal is the total financial amount you would like to earn each month from your project. Most likely, you'd like to earn a regular monthly income that covers your costs while you produce content. Great that you've got such a vision! For a marketing campaign, though, this goal is a bit abstract. Try to define your first goal as a specific monthly amount. Explain what you can deliver - an article or video per week - when you achieve your goal of €500 per month, for example. Your next goal could be a photo essay or podcast per month, when you reach €1000 per month. By setting goals, you make your work transparent and urgent. Potential supporters want to know exactly what you'll do with their support. This is the most effective way to turn followers into supporters. Examples of goals can be found here.