How do I use Steady?

Last updated 6 months ago

With Steady, you can enable your followers to support you with monthly financial contributions. For this to work, you need to build a community of followers - it requires a combination of technology, marketing and psychology. Steady does most of the work for you. But the most important element is yourself - your personality and authenticity.

Here's how it works:

Steady page: Create a Steady page on Steady. Here you can describe yourself or your team and your publication - preferably in a video. It doesn't have to be perfect, even a simple video brings you much closer to your five percent quota.
Campaign Goal: Inform your followers about your financial goal and the amount you wish to reach (for example, €500 per month). Then create a monthly plan.
Plans: Your followers can select one of several membership plans of different amounts, for example €2.50 or €5 monthly plans. Each plan comes with benefits. The most expensive plans usually have all the benefits of cheaper plans and more.
Benefits: Benefits are gifts, services or bonuses you offer to your supporters. For example, exclusive access to a podcast or newsletter, access to content beyond a paywall or invitations to meetups. Benefits give something back to your members in a way that simple donations do not.

All these tools help you to convince your readers, viewers and listeners to support your project financially.