What are the transaction costs that Steady passes on to me?

Last updated about 1 month ago

If you want to sign up for Steady, you don't have to pay for it. There are no fixed basic fees – so Steady is initially free of charge.

Once members pay for a publication, publishers are subject to fees. The fee rates depend on the turnover a publication makes. The following fees are involved:

1. Steady Margin

As soon as a publication sells memberships, Steady retains a part of these sales as trade margin.
Trade margin, which Steady retains, based on the selling price (gross) of a membership
10 %

2. Transaction costs of payment providers 

Steady uses different payment providers for selling memberships. This results in transaction costs – for example for the use of credit cards, PayPal or the direct debit system. Steady passes these costs on to the publishers. They vary depending on the currency in which a publication offers its memberships.

Transaction costs for publications in EUR and USD related to the selling price (gross) of a membership:
When paying by direct debit
1 %

When paying by credit card
1.9 % plus 30 ct

When paying via PayPal
2.49 % plus 35 ct
Transaction costs for publications in other currencies related to the selling price (gross) of a membership:
For payments in Swedish crowns (SEK)
2.49 % plus 3.25 SEK

For payments in British Pound Sterling (GBP)
2.49 % plus 20 p

For payments in Swiss Franc (CHF)
2,9 % plus Fr. 0.55

For payments in Danish krone (DKK)
2,9 % plus kr. 2,60

For payments in Norwegian krone (NOK)
2,9 % plus 2.80 kr

For payments in Złoty (PLN)
1,9% plus 1,30 zł
For annual memberships, payment fees only apply once a year.

For projects in other currencies, Steady converts transaction costs incurred in euros into the corresponding currency using openexchangerates.org.

Part of the transaction costs are passed on as a lump sum. The transaction costs that the payment providers charge and that we pass on to the publishers can change.

Effective: May 2019