What are the transaction costs that Steady passes on to me?

Last updated 25 days ago

If you want to sign up for Steady, you don't have to pay for it. There are no fixed basic fees – so Steady is initially free of charge.

Once members pay for a publication, publishers are subject to fees. The fee rates depend on the turnover a publication makes. The following fees are involved:

1. Steady Margin

As soon as a publication sells memberships, Steady retains a part of these sales as trade margin.
Trade margin, which Steady retains, based on the selling price (gross) of a membership
10 %

2. Transaction costs of payment providers 

Steady uses different payment providers for selling memberships. This results in transaction costs – for example for the use of credit cards, PayPal or the direct debit system. Steady passes these costs on to the publishers. They vary depending on the currency in which a publication offers its memberships.

Transaction costs for publications in EUR and USD related to the selling price (gross) of a membership:
When paying by direct debit
1 %

When paying by credit card
1.9 % plus 30 ct

When paying via PayPal
2.49 % plus 35 ct
Transaction costs for publications in other currencies related to the selling price (gross) of a membership:
For payments in Swedish crowns (SEK)
2.49 % plus 3.25 SEK

For payments in British Pound Sterling (GBP)
2.49 % plus 20 p

For payments in Swiss Franc (CHF)
2,9 % plus Fr. 0.55

For payments in Danish krone (DKK)
2,9 % plus kr. 2,60

For payments in Norwegian krone (NOK)
2,9 % plus 2.80 kr

For payments in Złoty (PLN)
1,9% plus 1,30 zł
For annual memberships, payment fees only apply once a year.

For projects in other currencies, Steady converts transaction costs incurred in euros into the corresponding currency using openexchangerates.org.

Part of the transaction costs are passed on as a lump sum. The transaction costs that the payment providers charge and that we pass on to the publishers can change.

Effective: May 2019