How does the RSS feed work for paying subscribers?

Last updated over 1 year ago

Steady Paywall for Podcasts (or any audio format)

As a Steady publisher you can offer exclusive content to your subscribers. For text you can use the Steady Paywall. For podcasts or other audio formats you can use your own Audio RSS Feed.

What does the Audio RSS Feed do?
Your individual Steady Audio RSS Feed lets you offer special audio content (such as podcast episodes) exclusively to paying subscribers. This could be special episodes (such as "making of" shows), or early access to regular episodes. Paying subscribers will then be able to hear your show a few days earlier than the regular public.

How does it work?
Normally you must publish one URL where your subscribers can access your podcast. The downside of this is that the URL is public and accessible to all listeners, not just paying subscribers. Steady overcomes this problem by establishing an individual feed URL for each individual paying subscriber.

How do I activate the individual Audio RSS Feed for my project?

Log in to Steady, click on "Own Publications" and then "General settings" in the left-hand navigation panel. Scroll down to "Audio RSS Feed for podcasters". Click the button to activate the Audio RSS Feed, and then "Save". You only need to click it once.

How do I post a podcast episode only for paying subscribers?
It's really easy.  You must publish an Audio Update on your campaign site. Here's how.
  1. Upload the exclusive podcast episode where you normally upload your episodes. This should generate a URL such as
  2. Log in to Steady and click "Updates", "Compose Update" and then "Audio Update".
  3. Enter the URL of your exclusive podcast, for example
  4. Write a headline, some teaser text and a longer description of your episode.
  5. Click "Publish" and then "Visible for: Supporters". Click "Publish now". That's it! 
Where do my subscribers find their individual RSS feed?
Your subscribers must log in to Steady, and then visit your campaign site. There they'll see the personal Audio RSS Feed under the selected subscription plan. The user must copy this URL into their podcast player. They will then get automatic updates with each new exclusive episode.

Some questions about the RSS Audio Feed

What happens when a subscriber cancels?
They will lose access to the exclusive audio feed when their subscription expires. After that, their individual RSS feed will no longer be active.

Can I connect the RSS Audio Feed with a specific subscription plan?
No, every paying subscriber will be able to access an individual RSS Audio Feed, no matter which subscription plan they select.

What happens when I make an audio post that is visible for all?
Then the episode will be accessible to everyone in your Updates section, including non-paying subscribers.  It will also be delivered to via the individual Audio RSS Feeds.