Publishers: I want to set up a campaign

What is a campaign page?

How do I make a good campaign site?

What size and format should my campaign site header image be?

Do I really need a video?

What makes a good video?

Can I skip steps in the campaign set-up process and finish it later?

What are some possible goals?

Can I set a goal of reaching a certain number of subscribers?

How do I calculate the amount of my goal?

What are some examples of benefits?

How do I set the price for my plans?

Can I edit a plan later?

What are plan goals?

Can a subscriber pay more for a plan than the fixed price?

Can I offer just one subscription plan?

Will my campaign site be immediately visible?

How long does a campaign last?

Do I have to create a new campaign site for each new goal?

How do I make my project visible?

What does "Show number of members" mean?

What are goals?

What does "monthly payments" mean? (coming soon)

What is a plan?

How do I add a new goal?

What are annual plans?

What is a 30-day trial period?

How can I activate annual plans? (coming soon)

What is a plan draft?

What are published plans?

What are archived plans?

What are invisible plans?

What is a plan URL?

What are countdown plans?

What is the thank you page?

What is the headline on the thank you page?

What is the picture on the thank you page?

What is the referral mail?

What format and size should the hero image of the campaign page have?

What is "Wording of Call-to-Action button"?

How does the audio RSS feed for subscribers work?

What is the message on the thank you page?

What is the video on the thank-you-page?

What are monthly plans?

What are plan URLs?

How do I ask for a shipping address?

What is my project language?

What is my project's currency?

How do I add the URL of my publication?

What is guest access?