What are some examples of benefits?

Last updated 5 months ago

The benefits you offer members should be as general as possible, and as concrete as necessary. Once fixed, you can't change them. Don't base them on your financial goal, but rather focus them on what your members want and what you can easily deliver. For most people, benefits aren't a transaction but rather a means of communication. They could include:
  • A regular newsletter for members.
  • A special podcast for members.
  • A closed Facebook group only for members.
  • A closed community forum using stand-alone software such as Slack, Mightybell or Discourse.org.
  • An e-book.
  • A regular postcard.
  • Invitation to an event.
  • A personal message.
  • Delivering a surprise after 10 months of support.
  • A special personalized thank-you video.
  • Inclusion in credits in a video, website, newsletter or podcast.
  • "Sponsored By" logo on your website or in a video.
  • Advertising spots.
  • Interview in a video or podcast.
  • Personal visit to a member's house.
  • Meeting with other members.
  • A live chat with you.
  • Participation in setting the next goal.
These are just some examples. You can get more inspiration by looking at the pages of other publishers on Steady.