How do I set the price for my plans?

Last updated about 1 month ago

When setting your plan prices, it's completely up to you. There is a minimum, but you’re free to decide how you would like to arrange your prices.
If you’re looking for some guidance, we’ve put together some recommendations and hints that have worked well for Steady publishers so far.

Setting plan prices - three useful tips

1. It's best to create three plans

This gives potential members enough choices and increases the chances that everyone will find the right plan. Most people who want to support you tend to choose the middle option. Make the middle plan significantly more attractive than the small plan to increase the likelihood that the middle price will be booked.

2. Think about your publication and your community

The set prices ultimately depend on your publication and your audience. What does your target group look like? How much are the people from your community willing to give? How many competitors do you have?

3. Don't make the prices too low

Unfortunately, Steady has to deduct the costs of the payment [link] from every amount paid (payment fees, Steady commission), so don’t set your prices too low. Remember: You can easily add plans with lower prices later if you have the impression that your prices are too high. Adding more expensive plans later is also possible but can be harder to justify.

The minimum for the plan price depends on the currency

Depending on which currency you have set for your project [link], different minimum prices apply:
EUR | 1,00 €
USD | $1.00
SEK | 10 Skr
GBP | £1,00
CHF | Fr. 2.00
DKK | kr. 10,00
NOK | 10.00 kr
PLN | 5,00 zł

Recommended price for three plans

Of course, the prices you set will depend on your individual publication. However, if you need guidance, the following table will help you. In our experience, these 3 prices work successfully as plan options.
EUR | 2,50 € | 5,00 € | 10,00 €
USD | $2.50 | $5.00 | $10.00
SEK | 25 Skr | 50 Skr | 100 Skr
GBP | £5,00 | £10,00 | £15,00CHF | Fr. 4.00 | Fr. 6.00 | Fr. 10.00
DKK | kr. 25,00 | kr. 50,00 | kr. 100,00
NOK | 25.00 kr | 50.00 kr | 100.00 kr
PLN | 10,00 zł | 20,00 zł | 40,00 zł

Annual Plans

In addition to monthly plans, you can also offer your members annual plans. Annual plans may have discounts over the price of twelve monthly plans, but do not have to.