How does the audio RSS feed for subscribers work? (coming soon)

Last updated 12 months ago

The paywall for podcasts (or any other type of audio content)

As a Steady Publisher, you can send special content to your paying subscribers. For text content you can use the Steady Paywall, for podcast episodes (or other audio content) you can use the personal audio RSS feed.

What does the personal audio RSS feed do?
The personal Steady audio RSS feed allows you to provide only paying subscribers with audio files (e. g. podcast episodes). These can be exclusive episodes (such as a making of) or pre-releases of episodes. For example, paying subscribers can enjoy a new episode a few days before the normal audience.

How does it work?
Usually you provide your listeners with a URL where they can subscribe to your podcast. However, the disadvantage of this solution is that this URL is public and therefore also accessible to non-paying users. Steady solves this problem by providing a personal feed URL that is different for each paying subscriber.

How do I activate the personal audio RSS feed for my project?
Log in to Steady and go to "Edit Project > General"in the left navigation column. Activate the slider in "Audio RSS feed for podcasts". Click on "Save". You only have to do that once.

How do I post podcast episodes for paying subscribers only?
It's easy: you can create an audio update on your campaign page. This is how it works:
  1. Upload the exclusive episode to where you normally upload your podcast episodes, for example we use the URL for the exclusive episode. 
  2. Log in to Steady and click on "Updates" > "Write Update" in the left navigation bar and then click on "Audio-Update".
  3. Insert the URL of the exclusive episode into the URL input field, in our case here
  4. Write a suitable headline, a teaser text and possibly a longer text for the episode.
  5. Click "Publish" and then click "Visible to: Supporter". Then click on "Publish now". That's it! 
Where do my subscribers find their personal RSS-Audio-Feed?
Your subscriber must register with Steady and then visit your campaign page. There you will find the URL of your personal audio RSS feed under the subscription package. Your subscribers only have to copy this URL once into their podcast player. Then he or she will automatically receive new exclusive episodes from you.

Some questions about the RSS-Audio-Feed
What happens if a paying subscriber cancels?
In this case, the subscriber or subscriber will still have access to the exclusive feed until his or her notice period has expired. From this point on, the URL of his personal audio RSS feed becomes invalid.

Can I attach the RSS audio feed to a specific subscription plan?
No - every paying subscriber, no matter which subscription was taken out, receives a personal Audio RSS feed.

What happens when I post an audio update "Visible to:all"?
Then this episode is also visible and audible for non-subscribers in the update area of your campaign page. It also becomes part of the personal audio RSS feed.