What is guest access?

Last updated 6 months ago

Guest access allows your members to invite guest members at no additional cost (to either the member of the guests members). Guest members get Steady accounts and become members of a publication, but are not charged anything.

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In the settings, you can activate guest access per plan and set the number of guest accounts allowed. For example, you could offer a plan that contains five guest accounts. That means a user, let's call her Alice, buys your plan and can then invite five more people to it without these people incurring any costs - they would then be Alice's guest members.

Alice herself decides who she invites to her plan. To invite guest members, Alice logs into her Steady Dashboard ("Supported by me" >"Overview"). There she enters e-mail addresses of guest members. Guest members will receive an email from Steady in which they can accept or decline the invitation. Guest members get their own Steady account at no cost and then become guest members in Alice's membership. In publications, guest members get no paywalls, but do not necessarily receive the same rewards as Alice. It is up to the publishers to decide which rewards are also awarded to guest members.

Alice can withdraw and reallocate guest accesses at any time. If Alice's membership ends, all guest accounts will also end automatically, too.

Tips for publishers

  • You can activate guest access in existing plans anytime.
  • Guest members are shown as such in your member list (status guest).
  • You can only invite guest members to a plan if you are a member to a plan that allows guest access.
  • You can increase the number of allowed guest members later, but you cannot reduce it at will. Example: Once someone has bought a plan and invited four guest members, you can no longer reduce the number of guest members to less than four. If you want to offer a plan with fewer guest accounts, you will have to create a new plan.
  • Plans with guest access can also be secret and only accessible to users to whom you send the plan URL.