How can I integrate Steady into my own website?

Last updated about 1 year ago

You can install Steady widgets on your own website to steer followers to your Steady campaign page. There are several types of widgets available:
  • Steady Overlay: a button that floats on the bottom of your website. When clicked, it shows an overlay with text, your campaign progress bar, and a link to your Steady campaign page. You can determine the text of the button and overlay message.
  • Steady Paywall: a paywall that blocks visitors from viewing content and encourages them to become a paying subscriber to read more. You decide when the paywall is activated, and whether it is a hard or soft paywall.
  • Steady Adwall: an overlay that is triggered when a visitor to your site is using an ad-blocker. It places a layer over your site which you can customize.
You can find cut-and-paste code for all these widgets on the Steady dashboard in the "Integrate" section. If you experience any problems, contact us via the chat button or write us an e-mail at We can guide you through the installation.