Where do I find my Steady page and URL?

Last updated 6 months ago

You can find the Steady page for the project you have published under a URL such as steadyHQ.com/projectname.  You set the project name when you set up your project. If you don't remember it, check the upper left corner of your dashboard when logged in to Steady.

Alternative URL
As an alternative, you can also use the URL steady.fm/projectname. This is suitable for audio projects and podcasts, as it's easier to say. This URL will automatically redirect to steadyHQ.com/projectname.

Language recognition
Steady checks the language settings of visitor's browser and shows them the Steady action buttons (such as "supporter")  in their preferred language.  If you want to ensure all visitors see a specific language, you can fix a specific ISO language code in the URL. For example, steadyHQ.com/de/projectname/ for German, or steadyHQ.com/en/projectname for English. This also works for all steady.fm URLs. Please note that your project description and names of plans will not be automatically translated. They'll display just how you entered them.

In case you need to provide a full URL for SSL protocols, you can use https://steadyHQ.com or https://www.steadyHQ.com.