How can I integrate Steady into my website?

Last updated 10 months ago

There are many possibilities to highlight Steady in your publication so your followers can support you:

  • Linking: you can link to your campaign website (e.g, through text, a self-created created graphic or with one of the graphic buttons provided by Steady.
  • Overlay*: the Steady Overly consist of a floating button on the lower edge of your website that displays an overlay when clicked. You can edit the overlay text to convince your followers to support you.
  • Paywall*: the Steady Paywall interrupts content (mostly text) on your website and asks reader to either support you on Steady, or to login on Steady in case they are already paying subscribers. Only then will the rest of the website be shown.¬†
  • Adwall: the Steady Adwall will be triggered if someone who visits your website uses an adblocker. An overlay will be inserted over your website and you can define its content.
  • Steady Switch*: With ¬†Steady Switch you can show specific contents to paying or non-paying users. This way you can hide advertising for paying subscribers.
  • Login with Steady*: (coming soon)
  • WordPress-Plugin: (coming soon)
  • API: you can use the Steady API to restrict reader access to authorised Steady user accounts on your project. Set up your OAuth 2.0 application and use the client credentials to authorize your queries. You can find detailed documentation in the API Reference for Developers.
* These options require the insertion of the Steady Code, which is specially generated for your publication. You can find it by signing in, then clicking Own Projects, then Integrate Steady.