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Help with Questions and Problems
Help with Questions and Problems
Take a look here if you have any problems or questions, for example about the Steady Glossary or data protection.
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How to enable gift memberships for your Steady project
What is the difference between guest access and gift memberships?
I received a charge from Steady on my bank statement. What is it?
Organise your posts using Topics
Pausing and discontinuing your membership programme
Login problems
You can't sign in?
There's a problem with payments
GoCardless: Why you are redirected when paying
Troubleshooting Guide
You haven't received any money yet?
How long do members pay for?
How can members pay?
Can members get an invoice?
Does Steady provide donation receipts to my members?
Can I earn advertising revenue while also using Steady?
Can I sell some of my content to other media outlets?
There was a problem determining my location
What is Steady from a tax and legal perspective?
What if my content is already published elsewhere?
My Steady project has been banned. Why and what can I do?
What is a plan?
My payout doesn't match the amount shown in my publisher account
Can I become a member anonymously?
What is a member and a membership?
What is the project name?
What is the short project description?
What is "Wording of Call-to-Action button"?
Make the most of annual memberships
What are published plans?
What are plan goals?
What are countdown plans?
Change, archive or delete plans
What are invisible plans?
What is a plan URL?
What is the thank you page?
What is the headline on the thank you page?
What is the referral mail?
What is the picture on the thank you page?
What is the message on the thank you page?
What is the video on the thank you page?
What is my project's currency and what is the payout currency?
What is my project language?
What is guest access?
What is the publication color?
How to ask for the shipping address of your members
Can my members also publish posts on my Steady page?
Where do I find my Steady page and URL?
What do I have to do to have my campaign linked to on the "Explore" page?
How do I test the paywall?
What is the Steady Code and where do I find it?
Can members select their own contribution amount?
Can my members pay anonymously?
What does revenue mean?
How to offer trial memberships
What are unique visitors?
How can I protect my account from hackers?
Do I have to use Facebook to sign up for Steady?
Where are Steady's servers located? Is the data of Steady users safe?
What information in my Steady account is public, and what is not?
Is the members' data secure?
Does Steady use cookies?
Deactivating your Steady project
PSD 2: The new EU directive on online payment – and what it means for Steady members and publishers
Why you need to enable JavaScript to use Steady
Is it possible to create multiple Steady projects for one domain?
Do I need a Paypal-Account to receive payouts?
Do publishers need to amend their privacy policy when using Steady?
Renaming your Steady project and project URL