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Creators need your support. How to increase your support in response to the cost-of-living crisis
Creators need your support. How to increase your support in response to the cost-of-living crisis
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Steady manages the membership programme for a creator or publication you support. We are giving members a one-time chance to increase their financial contribution in response to inflation.

Top things to know

  • In August 2023, Steady creators had the chance to increase the prices of memberships to account for a drastic rise in the cost of living.

  • Your suggested new price is listed in an email sent to you.

  • Creators have never had the chance to raise their prices before. This is a one-off increase. Prices will remain stable for the foreseeable future.

  • You are not obliged to accept the new higher prices. We are asking you to increase your support, but you can choose to stick to your current price.

  • Cumulative inflation in the E.U. since end of 2020 until now is 19.9% (see table at bottom of the page). Without raising prices to match inflation, many projects will no longer be financially viable and risk closure. That’s why we hope that you will choose to accept the new membership price.


How do I increase my support?

The link can also be found in an email sent to you by Steady. If you haven’t received it, check your spam. Or you can navigate to your Memberships page when logging into Steady.

Click on the button to “Accept.”

Why are membership prices being increased now?

Many Steady creators requested the ability to increase prices of existing memberships to survive this period of inflation.

Some projects on Steady have not been able to increase their prices for almost 7 years, since Steady launched in 2016 – when inflation in the EU was near an all time low of 0.2%.

How much are the prices being raised?

Your suggested new price is stated in your email or in your Steady account.

The default suggested price increase is 20%, rounded up to the nearest 50 cents. However, based on the individual creator's situation, they might have chosen a different price increase.

Example: your membership costs €5 per month. With an increase of 20% (rounded up to nearest 50 cents), your new price would be €6.

Why is Steady’s suggested price increase 20%?

The cumulative inflation in the E.U. from the end of 2020 until the end of 2023 is 19.9% (see table at the bottom of the page).

A creator needs to increase their project’s net income by at least 20% in order to maintain the same effective income as they did when they created their membership programme.

I can't afford to pay more. Do I have to cancel?

No. It is optional to increase your membership fee. You can continue to pay the same as you already do. In that case you don't have to do anything and will remain on your current membership price. There is no need to cancel.

Where will the extra money go?

We are giving creators the opportunity to raise their prices in order to cover their increased running costs and secure their project’s future. The extra money is intended to help creators survive this difficult economic time.

Steady’s suggested 20% increase only accounts for cumulative inflation and does not significantly increase the creator’s profit. Rest assured, the extra money is to help the creator to sustain their project into the future.

Will I receive more content if I accept the price increase?

That is up to the creator. They may produce an extra piece of content as a thank you, but they have no obligation to do so. The idea is to relieve some of their financial stress, rather than create more work for them. If you are interested in additional content or other member benefits, check if there is a bigger membership plan available you could upgrade to.

Will prices increase again in the future?

This is a one-off price increase to account for current inflation. There are no further price increases planned on behalf of Steady.

Can I increase my support later?

Yes, you can increase your membership contribution at any time, but why not do it now?


Inflation rates

Cumulative inflation since 2016 with forecast for 2023


Inflation rate

Cumulative inflation from 2016 until the end of 2023


6,7 %*

6,7 %


9,2 %

16,5 %


2,9 %

19,9 %


0,7 %

20,7 %


1,4 %

22,4 %


1,8 %

24,6 %


1,6 %

26,6 %


0,2 %

26,9 %

Data according to Statista for EU-27.

* Forecast for 2023 according to data from the European Commission.

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