As a creator on Steady, you might like to give free memberships to certain people.

You may think it’s as easy as making a new membership plan with a price of zero euros or pounds, however, it is not possible to charge nothing for a membership. Steady incurs costs for the administration of each membership. There is a minimum price plan, which depends on the project’s currency.

To grant free access to your project, it’s best to use guest memberships. To do this, you need to set up a plan specifically for this purpose. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Set the price to the minimum amount

  2. Activate guest memberships and set the number of memberships you need.

  3. Make the plan invisible, so other visitors to your Steady page cannot see it.

  4. Purchase the plan yourself.

  5. Now you can send guest access invitations by simply entering the email addresses of your guest members. Your guests will not be charged.

Your guest members only need to accept your invitation via email and then they can use their guest access for as long as you make it available. You can cancel their guest access and.or your plan at any time.

Please note: Switching from one plan to another only works if you have not assigned any guest memberships. You need to revoke any existing guest accesses before switching plans. Once you have purchased your new plan, you can reassign guest access if you wish.

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