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How to switch to another plan
How to switch to another plan
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Are you getting so much out of your membership that you’d like to upgrade your plan and show the publication some more support? Want to get your hands on some more benefits? Or perhaps switch from a monthly plan to an annual one?

There are many reasons for upgrading or downgrading your plan and it’s very easy to do.

You can change your plan in your Steady account. How many choices you have depends on how many plans are offered by the publication you support.

If a publication is offering both annual plans and monthly plans, then each monthly plan will have a corresponding annual plan. In this case, it is possible to switch from an annual plan to the corresponding monthly plan, but only at the end of plan period (i.e. 12 months). On the other hand, it is possible to change from a monthly plan to the corresponding yearly plan at any time.

You can also switch from a smaller annual plan to a larger one at any time. The billing cycle remains the same and the amounts are offset against each other.

Guest memberships

Switching from one plan to another only works if you have not assigned guest memberships. Before switching the plan, you have to revoke guest memberships (and if possible and if desired reassign them with the new plan).

"When I try to change my plan, I get an error message"

This is most likely because you are trying to switch to a plan that is not currently available to you. If you want to change from a monthly to a yearly plan, or vice versa, you can easily do so, but it is only possible to switch between corresponding plans, (e.g. from the cheapest monthly plan to the cheapest annual plan).

If you wish to switch from a more expensive annual plan to a cheaper plan, or from an annual plan to a monthly plan (when these are offered by the publisher), these changes will only take effect at the end of the plan period.

Did you purchase an annual plan by accident?

Did you really mean to select the monthly plan? Please contact us immediately. Then you can cancel and purchase a monthly plan instead. Please make sure that you set the small slider above the plans to "Monthly".

Strange amounts in your account after changing your plan?

As soon as you change to another plan, you are immediately entitled to its benefits. However, the billing cycle remains the same. This means that the new price will be charged to you pro rata and offset against the amount you have already paid.

For example: You support a publication with 5 euros per month. At the beginning of the billing cycle you are charged 5 euros. Then, halfway through the month, you decide to change to a plan that costs 10 euros per month.

Here’s what happens: You immediately receive both a credit and a debit on your account. The price for the old plan will be credited back to you proportionately – since you cancelled halfway through the billing period, half of the monthly price for your old plan will be credited back to you. In this example, that’s 2.50 euros. You will also be charged for the new plan proportionately – for the half of the month that remains, you will be charged half of the new plan’s monthly price, i.e. 5 euros.

The next time your membership payment is due (in the example here, that would be at the end of the month), you will be charged the new plan price (in this case, 10 euros).

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