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How to buy a gift membership
How to buy a gift membership

Here’s everything you need to know about gifting a membership on Steady.

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How to purchase a gift membership on Steady

  1. Visit the Steady page of the project you wish to support and select "Gift a membership."

2. Select which membership plan you wish to purchase – some projects have more than one plan on offer and select "Purchase as a gift".

3. Enter the recipient's details and your payment information.

4. Once payment is complete, your gift will be sent to the lucky recipient right away.

When will the gift membership start?

Currently, gift memberships start on the day of purchase. This means that immediately after purchase, the recipient will receive an email notifying them of the gift, with info on how to access it.

How will the recipient receive the gift membership?

You will be asked to supply an email address for the recipient during the purchase.

As soon as the purchase is completed, an email with details of the gift membership (minus the price, of course) will be sent to the recipient's email address. The gift membership will be available as soon as the purchase has been completed.

If the membership plan you have selected contains home delivery benefits, you will be required to supply a delivery address for the recipient during the purchase. In that case, the creator can best advise when any physical benefits will be delivered.

Will the gift membership auto-renew?

Gift memberships do not renew automatically, so you might like to put a reminder in your calendar if you would like to purchase the gift again. All payments for gift memberships are one-time payments.

Can I purchase a gift membership with direct debit?

Unfortunately, using direct debit to pay for a gift membership is not possible at this time.

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