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How to enable gift memberships for your Steady project
How to enable gift memberships for your Steady project

Here’s everything you need to know about running gift memberships for your Steady project, including a list of frequently asked questions

Written by Steady Content Team
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You will need to enable gift memberships for each plan that you offer. It takes just a few steps.

How to set up gift memberships

  1. In Steady’s backend, navigate to Settings, then Business, then Plans.

2. Select an existing membership plan and click Edit.

3. Tick the checkbox “Make plan giftable”, save your changes and copy the link to your giftable plan.

4. Repeat for any other plan you want to be made giftable.

5. Spread the word that you are now offering gift memberships by sharing the link to your giftable plans.

Are monthly memberships available?

Yes. If you offer both annual and monthly memberships for a certain plan, then both these options will be available as gifts as well.

Is it possible to deactivate the gifting option?

Yes, you can uncheck the “make plan giftable” box at any time. This means that it will no longer show up on your giftable plans page and members will no longer be able to buy gift memberships.

When will the gift membership start?

Currently, gift memberships start on the day of purchase. This means that immediately after purchase, the recipient will receive an email notifying them of the gift, with info on how to access it.

How will the recipient receive the gift membership?

The person gifting the membership will be asked to supply an email address for the recipient during the purchase. As soon as the purchase is completed, an email with details of the gift membership (minus the price, of course) will be sent to the recipient's email address. The gift membership will be available as soon as the purchase has been completed.

Will the gift membership auto-renew?

Gift memberships do not renew automatically. All payments for gift memberships are one-time payments.

Can I set up gift memberships if I use Steady checkout on my own website?

Yes, you can. However, currently, gift memberships can only be purchased on Steady and not via the checkout on your own website.

If a user goes to purchase a membership on your website, they will see a link to giftable memberships under your regular plans. This link will take them to the purchase options on your Steady page, rather than your own website.

We recommend that when you are promoting gift memberships, you simply share the link to your giftable plans page directly on Steady – you can grab this link from the Steady backend, under Plans.

Can gift memberships have a 30-day trial?

No, it is not possible to offer gift memberships with a free trial.

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