What is guest access?
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Guest access allows members of a Steady project to share their membership with others. If a plan includes guest access, this is included in the plan price and access is free of charge for guest members.

As a creator, whether you want to offer guest access as part of your membership plans is up to you. You can easily activate guest access for a plan in your settings. There you can also set the number of guest accesses you want to offer each member.

If a member buys a plan with guest access, they can decide for themselves whether they would like to make use of this and who they would like to invite. Guest access can be set up and managed in the "Memberships" area. Guest members will then receive an invitation email from Steady.

Guest access tips for creators

  • Guest members are listed in your member list. You can recognise them by their "guest" status.

  • Guest members enjoy the same plan benefits as main members, with one exception: Only the main member can grant guest access.

  • Offering guest access can be worthwhile, for example, if you want to attract larger organisations, like companies or universities, as members. They can then manage a number of individual guest accesses by purchasing a membership plan. Guest access is also an attractive benefit for members who want to share content with their friends or colleagues.

  • As a creator, you can activate guest access on existing plans anytime after they have been set up.

  • You can also increase the number of guest members allowed at a later date, but you cannot reduce it arbitrarily. For example, if a member has bought a plan with four guest accesses and has assigned all four of them to friends and family, you cannot reduce the number of guest members for this plan to less than four. In this case, if you want to permanently reduce the number of guest accesses, you must create a new plan and archive the old one. Then no new members will be able to purchase it.

  • Plans with guest access can also be set to "invisible". Then they are only accessible to those who receive the link to the plan directly from you.

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