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How to use the Members section to understand your member data
How to use the Members section to understand your member data
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Find all your members’ contact details, organise them by plan types so you can target your messages to specific members, and see which memberships are about to expire, all in your Members section.

Note: In your Steady dashboard, you will find three sections filled with data on your Steady project. In this article, we explore the Members section, where all your members’ data is stored. You may also like to read more about the other sections, in separate articles linked below:

  • Traffic, where you can learn more about how many people are viewing your posts on Steady, and

  • Analytics, where you can find data about your revenue, as well as a graph detailing changes to your membership base, like this:

Member graph

Types of members

The total number of members shown in the Members section is the sum of three different types of members:

Paying members

A paying member has paid for a membership and the membership is still active. This includes people who have already canceled their membership but whose membership is still currently active.

Paying members may be shown as “active”, “expiring” if their membership is soon to expire and will not be renewed, or “terminated” if their membership has ended.

Guest members

Guest members are not paying for their own membership, but are guests of another member's plan (See: What is guest access?).

Trial members

Trial members are given 30 days to test out a membership before committing to pay. It is up to a creator to decide whether they want to offer trial memberships.

The number of trial memberships shown on your members page includes all members with a trial membership that is currently active.

You may also see “Expiring (trial)” which refers to members who have cancelled their membership but are currently still within their trial period. These memberships will expire soon.

“Terminated (trial)” refers to members who cancelled within their 30-day trial period and that period has ended.

Gift memberships

Creators can choose to offer gift memberships. Then a customer can purchase a membership for someone else as a gift. These memberships will show as “gifted” on your Members page.

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