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Export list and information about your members in CSV format
Export list and information about your members in CSV format
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You can export a list of your members in CSV format any time. Log in and click "Members" in the top menu navigation and then "Export as CSV." A CSV file can be imported into a spreadsheet application such as Excel for further use. It displays your members' data in rows and columns. The columns are separated as follows:

  • first_name: First name

  • last_name: Last name

  • country: Country

  • street: Street

  • street_number: House number

  • city: City

  • zip_code: Postcode

  • state: State or region

  • email: E-mail

  • plan_name: Name of the membership plan

  • plan_monthly_amount_cents: Price in Euro cents that the member pays monthly, or for annual plans the monthly reduced price.

  • subscription_period: Length of the billing period, annual or monthly

  • subscription_state: State of the membership:

    • active: Active and not cancelled membership.

    • in_trial: Only if you offer trial periods: The member has an active trial membership during the trial period. If they do not cancel during the trial period, the membership becomes active.

    • not_renewing: The member has cancelled their membership, but their access runs until the end of the billing period, and can continue to access content behind the Paywall and Adblock Detection. At the end of the billing period, the membership will switch to cancelled.

    • cancelled: When a membership has been cancelled and reached the end of the payment period, or a trial membership has been cancelled before the end of the trial period, the membership will be cancelled. The user will not be able to access text behind the Paywall or Adblock Detection.

  • subscribed_at: The date of the membership or trial membership.

  • expires_at: The date a cancelled membership becomes effective.

  • cancelled_at: The date of cancellation.

  • trial_ends_at: The date a trial membership will change to a full membership.

Not all fields are required (for example, the address is not required in every case).

Be careful with your CSV export data. Save it in a secure location and delete it after use to protect your members' personal data.

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