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How to measure the success of your Steady page with Traffic
How to measure the success of your Steady page with Traffic
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How many people visit your Steady page, and how are your posts received by your community? You can find out all this and more on the Traffic page in your backend.

This information is displayed as soon as you have at least three members or 10 newsletter subscribers.

Note: In your Steady dashboard, you will find three sections filled with data on your Steady project. In this article, we explore Traffic, where you can learn more about how many people are viewing your posts on Steady. You may also like to read more about the other sections, in separate articles linked below:

  • Analytics, to view your revenue data

  • Members, to learn more about who supports your project

Information about user behaviour can improve your work enormously: For example, you can find out how your content is received and then adapt it to the needs of your community. Or you can check where your traffic comes from, eg. Instagram, Twitter or Google.


For the traffic page, we use Plausible, an open source software from the EU. We chose this software because it does not collect any personal data and is therefore GDPR-compliant. All data is collected in aggregated form. It does not require cookies and the privacy of your site visitors is completely preserved. A user doesn’t even need to agree to cookies in order for it to run smoothly.

All the numbers you need for publishing

Flunked statistics in high school? No worries: the traffic page is both easy to understand and very informative.

At the top of the overview, a graph appears showing your Steady page traffic over time. It also shows you the following:

  • the number of unique visitors

  • the total number of page views

  • the bounce rate (this is the percentage of visitors who only visit a single page) and

  • the average duration of a visit to your Steady page

Screenshot of an example project and its traffic.

Below that, there are four more sections: Top Sources, Top Pages, Countries and Devices. Here you find information about:

  • the websites from which your site visitors come to you (Top Sources)

  • how often individual pages of your Steady project are accessed (Top Pages)

  • the number of visitors per country (Countries) and

  • which devices your visitors use (Devices)

Each section provides you with more detailed information. In addition, you can define the time period you are interested in, switch to real-time data collection or set filters. Take a look at your traffic page now.

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