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Improve your Steady page with a video
Improve your Steady page with a video
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A video is great at catching the eye and bringing life to your Steady page. Above all, it has the ability to add much more personality than long paragraphs of text ever could. And that’s exactly what potential members need – to get to know you better. A video helps visitors get excited about your project and increases your chances of convincing them to become members.

You can easily add a video to your Steady page by inserting a Youtube URL in your settings.

Is a video absolutely necessary?

You can set up your Steady page without a video if you prefer. It’s always possible to add a video later.

While a video is not absolutely necessary, it’s definitely recommended! Publications with videos are much more successful than those without.

And it doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production, just enough to show who you are and why your publication is worth supporting.

Checklist: What makes a good video?

The production:

  • The video doesn't need to be fancy. You can simply record and edit your video with a smartphone.

  • What’s most important is that it’s easy to see you and the sound is in order. If possible, use an external microphone.

  • The video should be one-to-two (at most three) minutes long.

The content:

  • Put the most important thing at the beginning.

  • Introduce yourself and your publication briefly. A few personal words are enough. Remember that most people who come to your Steady page have already heard of your publication and are probably already interested in supporting you. There's no need for an elaborate pitch.

  • Ask your community for support. A natural, open call works best. And even if it might be uncomfortable: Expose yourself! By that we mean, be transparent about your project. Explain what you need the money for and what you will be able to do with it if enough members support you.

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