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Making the most of newsletters on Steady
Making the most of newsletters on Steady
Updated over a week ago

So you’ve got your newsletter set up on Steady, written a couple of posts and signed up your first subscribers. Now what?

It’s time to check that you’re making the most of what Steady has to offer, from customisable visibility features to make sure you’re reaching the right readers, to branching out into other mediums, growing your community and even earning some money for your work.

Get to know the visibility features

Steady offers a range of customisable features that enable you to take charge of your content distribution.

You can schedule a post to be published later, choose whether you want it to be sent as an email and select the audience: public, for subscribers only, or only for paying members.

Using Steady means you can work with multiple posts at once, scheduling them as and when you need them, and also start working with multiple audiences.

You can also use the Steady editor to customise your social media teasers, ensuring they have maximum impact in your readers’ feeds.

Start a podcast or vlog

It’s easy to dip into another medium on Steady. Our editor supports audio and video content, meaning you can embed this content in a post and distribute it directly to your subscribers.

Why not try a limited-series podcast to test the waters with your readers, or send them a special video when you reach a certain number of subscribers?

Simply drag and drop the file into the editor and you’re ready to hit their inboxes.

Grow your community

Readers subscribe to your newsletter because they want to get to know you better. So start a conversation with your readers – ask them what they’d like to see you write about next, or whether they have some other input. Enabling them to be part of your work reminds them that they are an integral part of your project.

As more readers subscribe, you build a mailing list which is the foundation of your project. With Steady, you can see reader stats and get to know what is or isn’t working for your readers.

Turn your subscribers into paying members

Memberships are at the very heart of Steady, because paying members empower independent publishers like you to keep doing what you love and make it more sustainable.

Once you’ve built up your mailing list and a good relationship with your readers, it’s time to ask them to support you and your work with a monthly contribution.

On Steady, you can offer members exclusive content in exchange for their support – think bonus newsletters, behind-the-scenes content, or a separate paid, members-only newsletter – although it’s worth noting that many members support the projects they love on Steady simply because they want them to continue.

If you decide to build your own website further down the track, you can even integrate our monetisation features into your own website and process payments there.

As you can see, Steady’s with you all the way, from publishing your first post, to growing your community and monetising your content.

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