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Making the most of Steady – for podcasters
Making the most of Steady – for podcasters
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So you’re all set up on Steady, you’ve recruited your first members and now you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs? Unlikely! Still, there are some very simple things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of Steady.

Read on for tips for podcasters on how to promote your membership program to your fans, how you can make it even easier for potential members to sign up and what you can offer your members in return for their support.

Offer exclusive podcast episodes

...with Steady’s Audio RSS Feed

Many podcasters on Steady offer their members access to exclusive episodes using our customisable Audio RSS Feed.

As well as providing a compelling member benefit, the personalised feed can also be used as a tool for mobilising potential members. On Steady, creators can set a plan goal with the promise to make an exclusive bonus episode – for members only, of course – once the goal is reached.

...with Spotify

Steady has joined forces with Spotify to enable podcasters to release members-only episodes directly on Spotify.

Now members can enjoy a seamless listening experience, staying inside the Spotify streaming app to listen to all the podcasts and music they love in one place. Here's how to release exclusive episodes on Spotify.

...with Podigee

If you're hosting your podcast on Podigee, you can also use this feature to release members-only episodes on Podigee.

Integrate Steady into your website

If you are publishing your podcasts on a dedicated, self-run website, you might like to make Steady work a little harder for you there, too.

There are a number of Steady tools you can integrate into your existing website, including a floating button to create awareness about your membership program, which can be used in tandem with our leads feature for collecting potential members’ email addresses.

There’s also our adblock detection tool, which will display a customisable message to visitors who have an adblocker, encouraging them to go ad-free by becoming a member. And finally, the Steady Checkout, which enables your audience to become paying members directly on your website, keeping their eyeballs and page views where they belong – on your own website.

Promote your membership program…

… in every episode

Mentioning your membership program at the beginning and end of each episode is crucial to reminding your community that they have the chance to support your work. Remember to let them know why it’s important that they support you, whether there are any benefits on offer for those who sign up (like exclusive episodes or bonus content) and what your membership earnings will be able to buy you – better equipment, more guests, a world tour? Don’t be shy!

… in your podcast and episode descriptions

Sprinkle the link to your Steady page far and wide! The goal is to make sure no listener can ever say they couldn’t find the link to sign up. The URL of your Steady page is

The URLs and also work.

Your podcast host will most likely have a space for you to write a description of your podcast – stick the like in there, as well as in the description you publish for each episode.

… in the show notes

And finally, remember to add a link to your Steady page every time you publish your show notes. That way, if a listener hears you mention your membership program, it will be easy as possible for them to find the link and sign up.

Ready, Steady?

At Steady, we want your membership program to shine just as much as you do! If there’s anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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