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Steady Checkout: Offer memberships directly on your website
Steady Checkout: Offer memberships directly on your website
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The Steady Checkout enables your audience to become paying members directly on your website. This means that when a visitor chooses a plan, they will register with Steady and pay without leaving your website. If you’d like to see how it works, check out the demo.

It’s easy to activate the Steady Checkout. Here’s how to do it:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, add the Steady Code to your website – just one line of code to enable our integrations to run on your website.

  2. Go to your Steady backend and check the box beside “enable Checkout”. This will reveal a number of customizable options for your Steady Checkout.

  3. Enter the URL of your website’s Checkout page. You need to create a dedicated page on your website for the Steady Checkout, eg. Please note that this cannot be your homepage. All of your calls-to-action regarding Steady (for example on the Steady Paywall, in Adblock Detection messaging, on the floating button) will lead to this URL.

  4. Decide where the Steady Checkout should appear on your website. Then add a paragraph on your Checkout page containing only the following keyword:


    Don’t worry, this text won’t be displayed on your website. It simply tells the Steady code to display the Checkout.

    If you edit your HTML directly, you can use the following tag instead:

    <div id="insert_steady_checkout_here" style="display: none;"></div>

  5. Finally, set up a thank you page on your website where members will be redirected once they become a member. Insert the URL of this thank you page in the dashboard under “Thank you URL”.

  6. Click “Save”.

"The Steady Checkout doesn't appear on my website"

If you have followed the steps above but find that the Steady Checkout still isn’t showing up on your website, here are some possible reasons and remedies:

You are using more than one URL

The checkout can only be displayed on the exact page you have connected to Steady – the URL you have entered in the Dashboard (under Integration > Setup). For example, if you entered there, the checkout will not work at

If there are several URLs for a website (e.g. an http and an https version or versions with and without the prefix www.), we recommend redirecting all existing versions to one "correct" version (which you would then enter in the Dashboard). It is usually best to redirect all users to the secure https version. This also has advantages for SEO. Unfortunately, we can't help you configure the redirection – for this you need to contact your web host.

Your plans have been archived

If you’re not currently offering any plans, the Checkout will no longer display on your website, to avoid a user signing up for something that is not currently available.

If the Steady Checkout isn’t displaying on your website, make sure you are currently offering at least one plan.

JavaScript is disabled

JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser in order for Steady to work properly. Here’s how to enable JavaScript.

Cookies are disabled

You must have cookies enabled for the domain

"I have problems loading the checkout page"

It may happen that your checkout page only loads after users are redirected to for a fraction of a second and then back to your checkout page.

This can happen with Apple or Safari users because Steady needs access to third-party cookies on a website where the checkout is integrated. This is the only way we can find out whether a user is already a member or not. However, Safari may deny access to these third-party cookies in certain cases. The browser decides on the basis of various criteria whether access is granted or not. One criterion is that a user has visited the cookie domain (i.e. within the last 24 hours.

Therefore, to increase the likelihood that Safari will allow these cookies, we will redirect Safari users to and immediately back to your checkout page.

Got a question we haven’t answered in our Help Centre? You can contact us at

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