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Making the most of Steady – for YouTubers and other video producers
Making the most of Steady – for YouTubers and other video producers
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Ready to integrate Steady with your YouTube channel? Here are three ways for YouTubers to get the most out of Steady.

Promote your membership program…

... with cards on YouTube

Steady is an approved website on YouTube, which means you can easily link to your Steady page using cards throughout your Youtube videos. This makes it really easy to promote your membership program and ask your viewers to support you on Steady.

If you haven’t used cards on YouTube videos before, here’s how to add them.

... in your video credits

You can add credits to your YouTube videos that will appear in the last 5-20 seconds of your video. You probably already know how credits works. Most YouTubers use this time to advertise other videos or ask the viewer to subscribe to the channel.

Of course, you can also promote your Steady page in the credits. Here is how to add credits or end screens to your video.

... in your channel banner

Since Steady is an approved website on YouTube, you can link to your Steady page from your channel banner. This YouTube guide explains how to add links to the banner (under "Add social media links to banner").

... in your channel description

You can also link to your Steady Page from your YouTube channel’s About page, to make sure your visitors reach your membership program with ease.

Offer your members exclusive videos

On Steady you have the possibility to offer benefits to your members as a “thank you” for their support. For example, you might offer early access or exclusive, members-only videos.

You can publish posts on your Steady page that are only accessible to members. There you can share links to members-only videos (if you use YouTube, just change the visibility settings of your video so that only those with the link can view it).

  1. Produce your video and upload it to the platform of your choice.

  2. Make sure that the video is only accessible to those who have the link to the video. On Youtube, for example, you can easily change the video's visibility settings.

  3. Set the visibility of the post so that it is only accessible to members.

  4. Embed the link to your video in the post.

It’s also fine to not offer any benefits to your members. At Steady, we’ve found that members will often support you simply because they want to see your publication succeed. So you don’t necessarily have to offer benefits.

Integrate Steady into your website

There are a number of ways you can choose to integrate Steady into your existing website, making it easier to promote your membership program and enable visitors to sign up without leaving your website.

Steady Paywall

If you have your own website, you can use the Steady Paywall to protect content for members only. It integrates seamlessly into your website, blurring out content that non-members shouldn’t be seeing and prompting them to sign up as members with a customisable message of your choice.

Floating button

Steady offers a floating button, which appears at the bottom of your website and floats above your content, displaying a customisable message.

The floating button can be used to create awareness about your membership program and encourage people to sign up. But it can also be used to collect email addresses from potential members, also called leads.

Adblock detection

When a visitor to your website is using an adblocker, Steady’s adblock detection tool can display an overlay on your website. You can customise the message that appears – we recommend you use it to suggest that the visitor becomes a member.

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