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Making the most of Steady – for blogs and online magazines
Making the most of Steady – for blogs and online magazines
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So you’re all set up on Steady, you’ve recruited your first members and now you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs? Unlikely! Still, there are some very simple things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of Steady.

Read on for “extra for experts” tips on how to promote your membership program to your readers, make it even easier for them to sign up and what you can offer members in return for their support.

Give your members access to exclusive content

On Steady you have the possibility to offer benefits to your members as a “thank you” for their support. One of the most popular benefits is exclusive, members-only content.

Steady offers two paywall integrations you can add to your own website, to make sure that only your paying members will see certain content. The hard paywall will require members to login to read the rest of an article, while the soft paywall is able to be clicked away, serving as a simple reminder that paid membership is an option without cutting off access to your content.

Hide ads for paying members

As audiences become more savvy about online advertising, being able to offer an ad-free experience is a compelling member benefit.

The Steady Switch allows you to do so very simply, by inserting just a couple of lines of Steady code on your website.

Keep readers on your website

Many payment platforms will take your readers off to their own website for payment processing. But the Steady Checkout enables your audience to become paying members directly on your website, keeping their eyeballs and page views where they belong – on your website.

Promote your membership program with our…

Floating button

The floating button creates awareness about your membership program by hovering over your content, to remind readers that they have the opportunity to support you and your work.

Leads feature

The floating button works great for raising awareness about your membership programme. But even better, it can also help you generate leads! Our leads feature helps you collect potential members’ email addresses, making it easy to contact them directly to ask for their support.

Adblock detection

Our adblock detection tool will display a message to any visitors who have an adblocker, encouraging them to go ad-free by becoming a paying member. You can tailor the message to suit your audience and publication’s tone of voice.

Ready, Steady?

At Steady, we want your membership program to shine just as much as you do! If there’s anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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