What is Steady?
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Steady enables bloggers, online magazine editors, podcasters, YouTubers, musicians and open source developers to make money through memberships.

Memberships are the best way for readers, listeners and viewers to support the projects they love.

Independent media is more important than ever. However, advertising-funded media is not really independent: they target clicks instead of readers. But the best publications are paid for by their readers, listeners and viewers. And Steady makes it happen.

What's the difference between Steady and crowdfunding?

With classic crowdfunding you can earn a one-time financial amount for your project within a predetermined time period. With Steady, your members make regular recurring monthly payments with no time limits.

With crowdfunding you set a financial goal that you must reach before a deadline. If you don't reach the goal, you often don't get the funding, which puts your project at risk of failure.

With Steady, you set a financial goal to provide transparency and give your campaign some urgency. But your goal is not fixed to any deadline. You'll receive all your members' contributions, whether you reach your goal or not. On Steady you can move, grow or reset your goal at anytime. It's like crowdfunding without the drama.

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