How much does Steady cost?
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It doesn’t cost anything to register on Steady and create a project. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to build a membership program. That's why you can get started on Steady and offer memberships right away without having to invest any money. That way, you don't carry any risk.

Steady publishing without offering memberships

You can also use Steady's publishing tools without offering memberships. This is free of charge under our Fair Use Policy.

We only earn money once you start earning money

You will only incur fees once your first member signs up. The costs depend on your turnover.

Steady Commission

Steady retains a 10 percent commission so that our team can keep working to get you the service you want. With a membership fee of 10 euros, you would pass one euro on to us. And you’ll be saving yourself a whole lot of time and stress because we do the hard work for you: We save you having to worry about writing a monthly invoice for every single member, worrying about any chargebacks and checking incoming payments. You have all the tools you need to run a successful membership program without having to research, integrate and pay for each individual tool, both you and your members get to enjoy our excellent, personal support, and that’s not all...

Taxes and duties

Please note that value-added tax (VAT) and payment service provider fees also apply.

Value added tax

In Germany it is mandatory to display the gross price to the end customer (unlike in the USA, where the VAT can only be indicated during the purchase process). Therefore, the membership plan prices you display are gross prices that include the legally required VAT. We pay this tax to the tax office. The amount of tax depends on the country your members live in.

Payment costs

There are a number of different ways members can pay you: by PayPal, credit card or direct debit. In order to process the payments, we use the services of a range of payment service providers (PayPal, Braintree and GoCardless). For each payment there are fees that we pass on to publishers. We ask for your understanding that we cannot cover these costs – we couldn't afford to without significantly increasing our commission). But please keep in mind that you would still have to pay for this service yourself if you weren’t using Steady. Steady simply takes care of the payment processing for you.

Payment costs vary depending on both the payment method and the currency in which you offer memberships. They generally sit between 1% and 3% – here’s a precise breakdown of transaction costs.

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