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Fair Use Policy: Publishing on Steady without memberships
Fair Use Policy: Publishing on Steady without memberships
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It’s free to start a project on Steady. It’s only once you start selling memberships that we get a 10% commission so we can keep our team running and keep delivering you services.

You can also start your own publication on Steady without offering memberships. Then you can use our publishing services (posting articles, podcast episodes and other content, or sending newsletters) free of charge – subject to our Fair Use Policy, which sets certain limits.

Upper limits within the framework of our Fair Use Policy

You have free access to send up to 12,000 newsletters and 1,200 hours of audio streams or downloads per month.

What happens if you exceed these limits?

It is technically possible to exceed these limits, which means that Steady does not currently have a built-in blocker to prevent you from sending more than 12,000 newsletters or 1,200 hours of audio per month.

But if we notice that you are permanently exceeding these limits, we will get in touch with you – because then you will have reached a point where it is definitely worth starting a membership programme.

We will also review these rules regularly and develop them if we find it is necessary.

What if you sell memberships?

Once you start selling memberships, these limits are no longer applicable. The Fair Use Policy only applies to free use of our publishing tools without a membership programme.

Why do these limits exist?

Usage above the limits may incur high operating or setup costs for Steady, for example by downloading podcasts through Steady or sending mail using Steady's systems.

Further terms of use

Steady is made for digital publications that publish on a regular basis. This includes, for example, editorial (non-advertising) newsletters, blogs, magazines, podcasts and so on. Steady and Steady's publishing tools are not intended to be used for other purposes such as fundraising, advertising, gambling or similar. More on Steady's Intended Use Policy

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