You can use Steady to publish your content – whether it's a newsletter, blog, magazine or podcast. Here you will find answers to the most important questions about Steady's publishing tools:

When will I be able to see more statistics like open rates?

Better statistics are coming very soon. We are already working on them. You will then be able to access these statistics in your Steady account.

Will I see the Steady branding on my Steady page?

Steady stays completely in the background. Your page will have your branding. Only a small Steady logo will appear at the bottom of the page, linking to our homepage. If you sell memberships, Steady will also be visible in the payment process (where legally necessary).

Can I import my subscribers from other mailing tools like MailChimp?

Yes you can! Read on here to find out how.

Do I have to offer memberships or can I just publish my content for free on Steady?

You can publish your content for free on Steady on the basis of our fair use policy and you can also decide whether you want to collect subscribers or not. If you want to sell memberships via Steady, then fees will be charged (Steady’s share of 10 percent, plus payment costs from service providers like Paypal).

Can I also host a podcast for free on Steady?

Yes, you can publish your podcast for free on Steady and Steady takes care of the hosting. However, there are certain data limits in our fair use policy, which do not apply once you sell memberships.

Can I host videos on Steady?

No, hosting videos is not possible on Steady. However, you can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Do I always have to send my posts as newsletters?

No, this is optional. You can also publish a post only on your Steady page.

Do new subscribers to my newsletter have to register with Steady?

No. If they want to subscribe to your newsletter, they only have to provide an email address. They don't have to sign up for a membership or create a Steady account.

Under which URL will my Steady page be found?

The URL of a Steady page always has the following form: and work, too.

Can I export my content if I no longer wish to publish on Steady?

This possibility does not exist yet. However, content import and export will be available soon.

Is it possible to filter posts with tags?

Yes there is! Read more here on how to use our topics feature to tag and organise your posts.

If I host my podcast on Steady, will there be a shareable RSS feed?

Yes, this is so your podcast can also be listed elsewhere (e.g. on Apple Podcasts).

Can I integrate a "Subscribe to newsletter" form directly on my own website?

Not yet. But we are working on it and will be able to offer you this option soon.

Can I send posts that have already been published to subscribers?

Yes, you can, but only if you have not sent the post as an email before.

Is it possible to have more than one author for a project?

Not yet. We are working on this option. Until then, you will have to share a login with your co-authors.

Why can't I embed Instagram posts?

We work with, which does not allow the embedding of Instagram posts.

Is it possible to send the newsletter with pdf attachments?

No, file attachments are not currently possible. As a workaround, you could upload the desired file externally and then embed the link to this file in your newsletter.

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