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Organise your posts using Topics
Organise your posts using Topics

Set up topic pages to help users navigate your content

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Topic pages enable you to organise your content into themes. This makes it easier for users to navigate your posts, offering a better user experience while improving your organic search rankings at the same time.

Here is an example of a topic page on our own Steady Magazine:

Screenshot of a Topic page on the Steady Magazine

How to set up topics

Set up topics in the creator backend under Publication | Topics:

Setting up topics in the creator backend

Create up to five topics and define each one with a headline and short description. You can also choose a colour to appear on the topic page.

Topics will appear in reverse order, so the topics you create last will appear at the top of the list and first on the posts page, as shown in the example below.

👉🏽 Please note: Currently, the only way to change the order of topics is to delete and re-create them. This will not delete any of your existing content.

Topic list on the creator backend

How to assign a topic to a post

Currently, each post can be assigned one topic. You can select the topic in the publishing settings of the post. To do this:

  1. Choose a post that you want to assign a topic and click to edit that post.

  2. Click through to the publishing settings (the page after the one where you insert your content).

  3. Choose a topic from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click publish or save, depending on whether the post was previously published or not.

  5. The post will now be tagged with the topic and show up on the topic page.

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