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Your Steady page is the showcase for your membership program. This is where you turn your community into members! 🙌

Just like a shop window, your Steady page should make people curious, even if they only take a quick look at it. Above all, it should explain to your visitors why your project is important and why you need their support.

But make sure you don't overload the page. Unimportant details can distract from your aim, which is to sell memberships. Remember that most people who visit your Steady page already know your publication, so focus on why they should support you with a membership.

What is shown on your Steady page?

Additionally, visitors can see how many members you have and the total amount of money they support you with each month. You can hide this information if you prefer: in the "General" section, simply uncheck the appropriate boxes.

More help:

Your Logo

Upload your logo. The optimal image is a square graphic with a resolution of 200 x 200 pixels. If your publication doesn't have a logo, you can also upload a photo – just keep in mind that it will appear quite small. A portrait of one or two people probably works best here.

Headline and Name

To formulate a great heading, it helps to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. The headline should tell them why they should support you. For example: "Support independent news from Berlin".

Your name (or pseudonym) is presented as the publisher of your project, so this will likely be your first and last name. Alternatively, you can write something like, "Editorial Team". You don’t have to use your real name, but this could help with personalising your marketing.

Visibility settings

You can control who can see your Steady page at any time. You can set it to "public" or "secret".

  • Public: Once your publication is public, search engines can find your Steady page and Steady can promote your Steady page (for example on the Explore page).

  • Secret: Your Steady page is only accessible to people who have the link. Search engines won't find it and it won’t be promoted on Steady’s website.

When you first sign up, your Steady page will be secret. You can send your Steady page link to colleagues or friends to get some feedback. It is also possible for people to become members while your page is secret.

Making a Steady page secret is not the same as deleting it. If you would like to delete your Steady page, please contact us.

Your Steady page URL

You can define the URL of your Steady page when creating your project, it looks like this: publication.

Alternatively, you can use – this might be useful if you’re making a podcast and need a URL that’s faster to say aloud. This URL will automatically redirect to

Language settings

Steady detects the language a visitor is using in their browser and displays your Steady page in the appropriate language.

If you want to force a particular language, add the ISO country code to the URL. For example, if you want to force English, use “EN”: This also works with the URL

Please note that your project description and the names of your plans are not automatically translated – these will always appear as you entered them.

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