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Goals are optional, so you don't have to add them to your Steady page. However, they are really helpful for attracting members. You can set (or disable) goals for your membership project in the backend.


What are goals?

A goal is a specific amount of money you would like to receive each month – let’s say 100 euros. Each goal comes with an intention, for example: if you manage to reach your goal of earning 100 euros per month, you promise to offer your members an additional monthly blog article. You can only define a goal as an amount of money, not as a number of members.

You’ll reach your goal if enough people support you. For example, in order to reach 100 euros you would need to collect 20 members who each support you every month with a five euro plan.

So is it like crowdfunding?

It’s similar, but it’s not about financing a one-time project. Instead, memberships facilitate regular support. Also, the payout isn’t linked to the achievement of your goal – so if you only gain 10 members instead of the targeted 20 (as in the example above), you will still get 50 euros a month (before payment and Steady fees are deducted).

This means you don't need to worry about returning members' money if you don't reach a goal. You can also adjust your goals at any time.

What are goals good for?

Goals give your audience another reason to support you.

Goals help make your work more transparent and urgent. Some of your potential members will want to know what you need money for. If they know exactly what you are doing, they might be more willing to support you.

Which intentions can I link to my goals?

Goals help your audience understand what their support can help you achieve. For example, you could promise that if you reach your goal, you will...

... post an additional article on your blog every week

... produce another monthly podcast episode

... invest in better equipment

... host an event

... double the number of videos produced each month

... research a key theme or topic each month

... or publish a weekly photo.

These are just a few examples. You can also look around the Steady pages of other creators and let yourself be inspired by their goals.

What if I don't want to set any intentions?

Maybe you just want to continue your work, but with the added bonus of generating a regular income from your content so that you can make a living. This is legitimate and also totally possible!

However, this intention may be a little too abstract for a successful marketing campaign on Steady. So we recommend setting goals with a certain intention. Of course, you can simply choose an intention or promise that is easy to implement. For example: investing in better equipment, or spending more time on research or production.

Setting goals – how, how high, how many?

You can set a new goal in the backend by specifying the amount you want to achieve and describing what you’ll do when you achieve that goal. You can also change, delete or add goals at any time.

  • Think about how much you need
    You should aim for an achievable amount. Don’t go to high, but don’t undersell yourself, either.

  • Start with a goal that is easy to reach.
    You can always go for higher goals later.

  • Set multiple goals
    If you add several goals, only the current goal will be displayed on your Steady page. As soon as you have reached that goal, the next goal will be displayed automatically.

In addition to the goals on your Steady page, you can also set plan goals in the backend. Plan goals are different from project goals.

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