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You reached your goal – now what?
You reached your goal – now what?
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So you’ve reached the first goal on your Steady page. What happens now – and what can you do next?

First of all: Congratulations! Now it’s clear that memberships work for your publication and that your audience is happy to support you – that's great news!

Make sure you let your members know right away by making a new post on your Steady page, so they can celebrate with you.

What happens to your Steady project?

On your Steady page the goal will disappear as soon as you have reached it. If you have created several goals, the next one will now be visible. If you are yet to set your next goal, don’t worry! Your Steady project will keep running in the meantime. But it’s advisable to always have a goal to reach, as this helps motivate potential members.

Is it possible to slip behind on a goal once it has been reached?

This is possible, for example if a member cancels their membership. Of course, no one can be sure how many months a member will stay with you. If your monthly membership fees slip under your goal amount, this goal will reappear on your Steady page.

Our experience has shown that members’ interest in an unfulfilled goal can wane after a certain amount of time. It helps to stay active on your Steady page and update your goals from time to time.

You can add new goals at any time

Of course, you can easily change and update your existing goals. Just remember to communicate this to your members. By the way, it can also help to adjust your goals if members leave after a while and you can no longer implement the project linked to your goal as you had planned.

Update your Steady page

You can freshen up your Steady page at any time. Try customising your description or adding a new video to hint at your next goal. You can also announce new goals in the posts section.

No witchcraft

New goals and changes to your Steady page do not need to be expensive or time-consuming. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Most of the time it's about showing off work that you’re already doing. You just need to make that work more visible with goals – this will help you earn members.

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