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How to use the WordPress plugin
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⚠️ Please note that we currently cannot provide any personal support for the WordPress plugin.

If your website is hosted by WordPress, you can use Steady’s WordPress plugin to integrate the Steady Paywall in order to promote your membership program and offer your members exclusive content. You can only embed the paywall in your posts. The paywall is not displayed on Wordpress pages.


  • Please make sure you are using the latest version of the Wordpress plugin to avoid complications.

  • Please note that our Wordpress Plugin does not work with activated Cache-Plugin Cachify. The plugin also does not work on "Accelerated Mobile Pages" or in combination with Infinite Scrolling. More information on the compatibility of Steady integrations can be found here.

  • If the paywall does not appear as planned, you may find the comments on our new update helpful.

Gutenberg Editor on Wordpress

Wordpress has launched a new editor called Gutenberg. We have updated our Wordpress Plugin to support this new editor.

When you go to make a new post in Wordpress, the new editor will appear.

It is possible to continue editing older articles in the Classic Editor, or to switch to the Gutenberg Editor.

If you choose to use the new Gutenberg Editor for editing older articles, and the article you are working on previously included the Steady Paywall, then the paywall will disappear. To make sure the paywall will display on this article, you simply need to install the Steady Paywall on this article again.

How to set up Steady’s WordPress plugin

In your WordPress backend:

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.

  2. Search for “Steady for WordPress“.

  3. Click “Install Now“.

  4. Activate the plugin.

  5. Go to the plugins settings page and connect your WordPress with Steady (see image below).


The Steady button should now appear in your WordPress editor. You can use this button to insert a paywall into an article.

How to use the Steady Paywall to hide content from non-members

A paywall hides selected content, like part of an article, on your website. The paywall is triggered as soon as a user has scrolled to a certain point in the text. It prompts them to become a member in order to continue reading. If they’re already a member, they won’t see the paywall and will simply continue reading.

Once you have installed Steady’s WordPress plugin, you’re ready to start using the paywall.

You can decide when and how to restrict content within each article. Simply click the “Steady” button in your WordPress editor at your preferred starting point to insert the paywall there.

Steady will then blur out the remaining content and display a message of your choice. You can configure your Paywall and write your message in the dashboard.

The Paywall will direct your readers to your Steady page or the checkout (if activated), where they can purchase one of your membership plans and then continue enjoying your content as a member.

What’s better: using the WordPress plugin or adding JavaScript code directly to your website?

Steady offers two ways to install the Steady Paywall: the WordPress plugin, or JavaScript code that is manually added to your website.

Each method has its upsides – decide which alternative makes more sense for you.

Make sure to only choose one option, as using both at the same time will result in errors.

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