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Compatibility of Steady integrations
Compatibility of Steady integrations
Updated over a week ago

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate Steady into your project. As the web continues to evolve, we will continue to develop our integrations - so it's an ongoing process. This also means that not every integration method works equally well in every case. On this page we list any known issues.

Outdated tools

If you have the impression that something isn't compatible with Steady, please let us know. But please understand that we cannot support tools that have not been maintained – ie. received any updates – for more than 3 years. In this case, you should shop around for a more up-to-date alternative – also for security reasons.

SSL error with WordPress versions older than 5.8.2

The connection between the Steady WordPress plugin and the Steady API is secured with an SSL certificate. With WordPress versions older than 5.8.2, combined with older OpenSSL versions on your web server, it's possible that the encrypted connection cannot be established. As a result, the paywall will not work properly or the link via WordPress key will not work.

Please make sure that your WordPress is up to date.

Cache Plugins in WordPress

Cache plugins, as well as other speed optimisation tools or external cache service providers like CloudFlare, sometimes cause problems with the Steady WordPress plugin. Caching saves a static version of your posts to speed up your page loading time. This static version can be retrieved faster, but in order to display the paywall correctly, a dynamic version of your posts must be generated for all visitors, depending on whether they have a membership or not.

The Steady WordPress plugin automatically deactivates the cache for pages with a paywall so that the content can be dynamically displayed for members only. This is done using the default method via DONOTCACHEPAGE-Constant (most caching plugins, including WP Rocket, support this).

If you suspect that your caching plugin is causing errors, check whether it adheres to the standard or whether there is a setting for this.

Otherwise, the JavaScript paywall can help, as it works independently of the cache of your WordPress installation.

Known issues

  • Infinite Scrolling: is not compatible with the Steady integration.

  • mooTools: Possible incompatibilities with the Steady Paywall (JavaScript), possibly only in connection with Typo3.

  • Typeform: Possible incompatibilities with the Steady Paywall (WordPress-Plugin) (unverified).

  • Google AdSense Auto Ads: The Google Switch may also hide ads from users who are not logged in (unverified).

  • Autoptimize and other optimization or compression tools: When using tools that compress or optimize your website code, please make sure to have a new line after <!-- and before --> in order for the integration to work.

  • Better: Privacy Tool for Safari. Can prevent login.

Cache-Plugins: Can cause problems with our WP plugin.

  • Cachify: Please note that our Wordpress Plugin does not work with activated Cache-Plugin Cachify.

  • wprocket: This cache plugin for WordPress may play out pages with advertisements, although you are logged in as a paying member (unverified).

  • Cloudflare: Caching problems can occur in combination with the WP Steady plugin.

  • Nginx cache: might prevent serving the full content of a post that is behind a paywall after a member logs in. More information can be found here.

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