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Offer exclusive podcast episodes with the RSS feed
Offer exclusive podcast episodes with the RSS feed
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With Steady, you can offer your members exclusive access to podcast episodes or early access so they can be the first to hear your latest content.

We've built a feature that allows you to make certain audio files available exclusively to your members: the audio RSS feed.

Did you know: We've also partnered with two much-loved podcasting platforms to enable you to release exclusive members-only episodes directly on their platforms. If you would prefer to release your episodes on Spotify or Podigee, give them a try:

Choosing the right hosting service: Steady's Audio RSS Feed, Spotify or Podigee?

With so many podcast hosting options, it can be hard to know which to choose! Here are a couple of tips.

  • If you're already established with a free podcast on Podigee or Spotify, you may find it most useful to deliver your members-only episodes there as well. That way, your listeners don't need to change apps in order to listen to your exclusive members-only episodes. Check where the majority of your listeners tune in from to help make a good decision.

  • However, if you are launching a brand new podcast supported by paying members from the outset, then it may be more beneficial to deliver your episodes directly to your paying members via newsletter, which you can do seamlessly on Steady. For that reason, using Steady's Audio RSS Feed would make the most sense. That way, you can ensure your members don't miss any episodes.

How to activate the individual Audio RSS Feed for your Steady project

Follow the steps below or watch our video guide:

Before you can activate the Audio RSS Feed, first you need to publish your first episode.

Here's how to do that:

2. Insert your first podcast episode as an audio file, by clicking the + sign in the editor, and then selecting the microphone icon. You can then select the audio file you wish to upload.

3. Now you need to put each members-only episode behind a paywall so that only your paying members will be able to listen to it.

To do this, insert a paywall using the lock icon in the editing menu down the bottom of the page. Insert the Paywall above anything that should be for members' eyes only. Anything below the Paywall will only to be visible to members once they have logged in.

You will need to use a paywall each time you publish a members-only episode.

4. Add any other necessary content to your post and then hit "Continue" to proceed to your post settings.

There you have a number of publishing options, including sending your post as a newsletter, scheduling a post for later and publishing your post for members only. If you select that option, you can enter your podcast title and add a description, often called the "show notes". These will be displayed on your Audio RSS Feed for members.

5. Once your post is published, it's time to activate your Audio RSS Feed so you can make your episode for members only. You only need to activate the RSS Feed the first time you publish a podcast. Once it's activated, you're good to go.

To do this, head back to the main left-hand menu in your Steady Backend and select "Publication" and then "Podcast".

6. Inside this window you will be able to edit the name and description of your podcast, and upload a cover image.

It is also here that you can click the toggle to activate the Audio RSS Feed.

Make sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page and then you're all set to host your podcast on Steady.

That's it! Your members can now subscribe to your exclusive podcast by copying their personalized RSS audio feed URL into their podcast or RSS app: Here is how to do it.

Questions about the audio RSS feed

What happens when a member cancels?

They will lose access to the exclusive audio feed when their membership expires. After that, their individual RSS feed will no longer be active.

What happens when I make an audio post that is visible for all?

Then the episode will be accessible to everyone in your Posts section, including non-paying members. It will also be delivered via the individual Audio RSS Feeds.

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