With Steady, you can offer your members exclusive access to podcast episodes or early access so they can be the first to hear your latest content.

We've built a feature that allows you to make certain audio files available exclusively to your members: the audio RSS feed.

Did you know? We've also partnered with two much-loved podcasting platforms to enable you to release exclusive members-only episodes directly on their platforms. If you would prefer to release your episodes on Spotify or Podigee, give it a try:

How to activate the individual Audio RSS Feed for your Steady project

Log in to Steady and go to general settings. Scroll down to "Do you have a podcast?", click on "Activate audio RSS feed for podcasters", and then "Save". You only need to do this once.

Next, create a post with your podcast episode on your Steady page. Here's how:

  1. Log in to Steady and and click on New Post under Posts.

  2. Layout your post the way you want it.

  3. Add your podcast episode (by uploading the audio file or embedding externally hosted episodes) – there are three different ways to do this:

    1. In the options at the bottom of the screen, click on +, then on the microphone icon and select the audio file.

    2. Simply drag and drop the file into the editor.

    3. If you host your podcast externally, you can add the episode by pasting the link directly into the editor.

  4. Click on Next at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen – you will then be taken to your post settings.

  5. Under Visibility, activate "For members only". It is also possible to make the post public ("For everyone") or to release it only for members of one or more specific plans.

  6. Adjust the Distribution settings.

    1. Here you can choose to add the audio file to your RSS feed.

    2. If you have uploaded several audio files, select which ones should appear in the RSS feed from the drop-down menu. If you want several episodes to appear in the RSS feed, please create a separate post for each episode.

    3. Adjust the title and description. The content of the entire post will be attached to the episode as show notes.

  7. Click on Publish or schedule the post for a later date.

That's it! Your members can now subscribe to your exclusive podcast by copying their personalized RSS audio feed URL into their podcast or RSS app: Here is how to do it.

Questions about the audio RSS feed

What happens when a member cancels?

They will lose access to the exclusive audio feed when their membership expires. After that, their individual RSS feed will no longer be active.

Can I connect the RSS Audio Feed with a specific membership plan?

Yes. You have to restrict access to the members of this plan when posting the new podcast episode (see above).

What happens when I make an audio post that is visible for all?

Then the episode will be accessible to everyone in your Posts section, including non-paying members. It will also be delivered via the individual Audio RSS Feeds.

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