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Intended Use Policy – what Steady is for
Intended Use Policy – what Steady is for
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The following guidelines are intended to help creators and users understand, for whom Steady is made for and what it's not intended for. They supplement our Community Guidelines, which define which content is acceptable to Steady and which is not.

The guidelines guide the Steady team when deciding whether a publication may use Steady or when and why a creator is sanctioned.

What Steady is for

Steady is made for people and companies who want to:

  • publish digital editorial content on a regular basis and

  • offer memberships

For example:

  • Online magazines

  • Blogs

  • Podcasts

  • Newsletters

  • Videos

  • Cartoons, drawings

  • Books / texts in the broadest sense

  • Photos, collages

  • Those who publish regularly on social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook,

  • Let's Plays, for example via platforms like Twitch or YouTube

  • Open source code, for example via GitHub

  • Communities, for example gaming communities

  • Education, online courses, including supplementary individual mentoring

What Steady is not for

Steady is not intended for:

  • Financing of projects not related to the publication of regular digital content

  • Collection of donations or scholarships

  • Sale of physical goods

  • Advice, or advice subject to approval (e.g. tax advice, legal advice)

  • Games of chance, betting, auctions, lotteries

  • SEO scams, or the use of Steady to enhance search engine optimization

  • Financial transactions of any kind

  • Procurement of equity or debt capital

  • Sale, trading or management of stocks, shares, etc

  • Eroticism, pornography and any content harmful to minors (the use of Steady is not intended even if such content is published on another platform outside of Steady).

  • Promotional purposes, advertising of goods or services, product newsletters, publications of a promotional nature

  • Sale of goods or services (except memberships)

  • Corporate Communication, Corporate Media, PR

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Of course no illegal activities may be carried out on Steady. Illegal activities include, among others:

  • Money laundering

  • Fraud, e.g. credit card fraud

  • Identity theft, e.g. impersonating someone else

Non-profit organizations

Steady welcomes non-profit organizations that want to fund regularly-published digital content by offering memberships. The sale of memberships through Steady is always an economic business that requires a tax number. That means that Steady must also collect and pay value-added tax on memberships sold by non-profit organizations through Steady. This means that Steady cannot issue donation receipts.

Prerequisite for our cooperation

Every Steady Creator must

  • be of legal age, i.e. over 18 years old before registering and publishing with Steady

  • operate its publication either commercially or as a freelancer and have a tax number, for example a VAT ID

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