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Do you have to pay tax on your revenue from Steady?
Do you have to pay tax on your revenue from Steady?
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Yes. With Steady, you earn revenue for your project, whether as a freelancer or as a company. This will contribute to your income. Income must be declared in your regular taxation declaration, and is usually subject to income tax. On top of that you may have to collect and pay value-added tax, if you are not exempt from it.

To make things easy for creators, Steady functions in a similar way to a kiosk for taxation purposes. You don't sell your content or memberships - Steady sells them for you.

  • Step 1: To ensure we can sell your content and membership plans, we create a license with you. For this license, you receive compensation in the form of your regular revenue from Steady. You will receive a statement that also contains the amount of VAT paid.

  • Step 2: We "sell" the licensed content through memberships to your community. We take care of invoicing your paying members.

  • Important: We are not financial advisers and cannot give you individual advice. For any such questions please contact your tax adviser.

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