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Which tax information we need for your payout
Which tax information we need for your payout
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For tax purposes, the credit note is comparable to an invoice from you to Steady for the amount paid out. Like every invoice, these credit notes have some legal requirements.

We need you to provide the following payment details in order to transfer your money:

  • Your name or company name

  • Your invoicing address

  • Your tax number

  • Your VAT rate

  • Your PayPal email address

We'll transfer your monthly revenue to your PayPal account. You will also receive a statement from Steady to your e-mail address – you can also download it.

Tax number

Please enter either your VAT ID or your regular tax ID under which you tax freelance or commercial income. If you have any questions, please contact your tax advisor.

You don't need to enter your tax number to launch your Steady project, but please provide it within a month of launching so we can process your first payout.

For USA creators who are individuals/persons: the tax ID is your social security number. For USA creators who are corporations, partnerships, LLC or other type of entity, the tax ID is your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEID).

VAT rate

Publishers who aren't German residents are not required to enter their VAT rate. In these cases we settle accounts using the reverse-charge procedure.

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