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I have a charge from Steady on my bank statement, what's that all about?
I have a charge from Steady on my bank statement, what's that all about?
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If you're seeing a charge from Steady on your bank or credit card statement, it is likely you have subscribed to a membership supplied by one of the thousands of media makers in our network. If you're unsure which publications that charge relates to, search your email inbox or contact us, so that we can help you find the details of your transaction.

What is Steady?

Steady is a "merchant of record" that acts to provide a payment infrastructure to thousands of media makers around the world. When you buy a membership or a subscription developed by one of the creators, writers or publications that we provide these services for, Steady is the one you are purchasing from and who is responsible for charging you for the membership you've bought. learn more

What has Steady charged me for?

To find out what you have been charged for by Steady, log in to your Steady account, where you can look up your transaction details. You can also take other actions, like cancel a membership. If you don't have a password for your Steady account yet, you'll need to set one first.

How do I cancel a membership Steady is charging me for?

To cancel a membership, visit your membership settings. You can also look for an email you have received from Steady.

Why do media makers sell through Steady?

By handling transactions for the independent media makers we work with, Steady takes care of a lot of complicated back-office work, like invoicing, payment gateways, managing foreign exchange, and filing sales taxes internationally. This frees up the media makers's time and resources to focus on other things, like producing and improving its content.

Any other questions?

You can contact us any time at

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