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Handbook for Publishers
Handbook for Publishers
How does Steady work? What features are available for publishers? Everything you need to know is in this handbook.
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Benefits for your members – what can you offer?
Steady x Spotify – Release members-only episodes directly on Spotify
Best practices for a successful gift memberships campaign
How to automate updates to your Mailchimp list with Steady and Zapier
How to use the Members section to understand your member data
How to promote your membership programme for maximum impact
Everything you need to know about plans – for publishers
How to write an effective Steady page for memberships
How to integrate a paywall in your posts on Steady
Post statistics: Conversion, open and click rates
Do you have to pay tax on your revenue from Steady?
How and why to set goals
How to set plan prices
How does Steady handle value-added tax (VAT)?
Publish posts on Steady
Send newsletters and collect subscribers with Steady
Podigee x Steady – How to release exclusive members-only episodes
Offer exclusive podcast episodes with the RSS feed
How to install the right Steady Paywall
What to include in your legal notice
Which tax information we need for your payout
What are the transaction costs that Steady passes on to you?
How to use the floating button
How much money can I earn with Steady?
What details you get about your members?
Export list and information about your members in CSV format
How to integrate Steady on your website
Compatibility of Steady integrations
Steady Switch: show and hide content for members
How to use Zapier to automate your day-to-day project tasks and integrate Steady with other services
Your payouts
How to track your earnings with Analytics
Set up your Steady page
Steady Checkout: Offer memberships directly on your website
How publishers can use the Steady Login feature
Send direct messages
FAQ: Steady's publishing tools
How to write an effective About page for your newsletter
How to measure the success of your Steady page with Traffic
Things to know about the WordPress plugin