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What details you get about your members?
What details you get about your members?
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You can see the name, location, e-mail address, monthly membership fee and status (active, trial phase, cancelled) of each member. In your Steady account you'll find a detailed overview of all your members. After logging in, click "Members" in the top navigation bar. From there you can also export your members' details in CSV format.

You can learn more about your members by engaging with them in personal dialog, by making direct contact, or giving them the possibility to participate in the decision on the next goal in your project.

New members

You'll get a message from Steady via e-mail alerting you whenever you get a new member. Once logged in, you can also view your members in the Statistics section.

Block members

You can't block members. Only Steady can do that. If you've got an important reason for wishing to block a certain person, write to us at Also check our Community Guidelines to see what we consider to be acceptable behaviour.

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