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How publishers can use Steady – a quick overview
How publishers can use Steady – a quick overview
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With Steady, you can enable your followers to support you with monthly financial contributions. For this to work, you need to build a community of followers - it requires a combination of technology, marketing and psychology. Steady does most of the work for you. But the most important element is yourself - your personality and authenticity.

The following tools help you to convince your readers, viewers and listeners to support your project financially.

Steady page

Create a Steady page on Steady. Here you can describe yourself or your team and your publication - preferably in a video. It doesn't have to be perfect, even a simple video brings you much closer to your five percent quota.

Campaign Goal

Inform your followers about your financial goal and the amount you wish to reach (for example, €500 per month). Then create a monthly plan.


Your followers can select one of several membership plans of different amounts, for example €5, €10 or €20 monthly plans. Each plan can come with benefits but doesn't have to. If you offer benefits, you can decide if each plan includes the same benefits or not. If each plan includes different benefits, usually the most expensive plan includes all the benefits of cheaper plans and more.


Benefits are gifts, services or bonuses you offer to your members. For example, exclusive access to a podcast or newsletter, access to content beyond a paywall or invitations to meetups. Benefits give something back to your members in a way that simple donations do not.

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