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How to use the floating button
Updated over a week ago

The floating button is a great tool for getting in touch with your community and promoting your membership program. Ask potential members for their support by offering them to become members. Using the floating button significantly increases your chances of winning over new members.

Customise the look

If you activate the floating button, it will appear permanently at the bottom right corner of your website. The button is round and shows the Steady icon by default. View demo.

  • In your settings, you can replace the icon with your own logo or another icon of your choice.

Customise your message

Above the round button a lockable text field appears, which displays your personal message and a "Call to Action" button. This is a discreet but effective way to communicate to your community that it is possible to support you.

  • You can adjust your message in your settings.

  • The button within the closable text field is displayed in Steady colors by default. If you customize the icon (see above), the button will automatically adopt your publication colour. You can adjust the publication color here.

Direct your fans to your membership plans

When clicked, the floating button sends the user to your Steady page by default or, if activated, directly to the checkout.

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